Builders, do you dream of an easy handover?


Builders, do you dream of an easy handover?

Let’s us show you the way of the future!


Recently, I caught up with Andrew Mackie-Smith to hear about his popular software for Builders. 

Handing over the required files at the end of a project is a headache. It takes ages and wastes a lot of paper.   Property owners these days aren’t happy with having to manage their home or investment property with a folder full of paper, USB stick, or email attachment that will eventually go missing.

This is why Andrew, an ex Builder created inndox;  a digital handover solution.

So how does it work?

Once you are set up. Just type in the property address,  select files to upload, put in the owner's name and email address and hit send. 

Providing a fast and easy digital handover to your owners in a matter of minutes! 

The clients receive their handover files immediately on their inndox app, through which they can conveniently manage and maintain their property. 

You can also provide an even better experience by just taking a few minutes more to list contacts and warranty expiry dates for owners as an added service. 

Multiple unit properties are a breeze with the 'cloning function' that allows you to copy the handover. 

After the handover, Builders have continued access to their handover files.  inndox gives clients the power of self-service so you can spend more time doing what you should and less time in the office!

What does it cost? Only $49 per handover. No lock in contracts, no subscription – just pay as you go. Clients get free use of inndox for 12 months and then can download their files for free or continue using inndox for just $2 per month. 

Builders around Australia are now using this secure cloud-based solution to save them money and time. Inndox gives your clients a new level of after sales service that leads to greater satisfaction and repeat business.

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