Innovative Stainless Steel Designs

Rebecca Tonkes was introduced to us at a time when the (then) QBSA was merging specialized license classes under broad categories, meaning that we would have to be qualified in all trades in order to continue our specialized stainless steel balustrading trade. Our business and the employment of our employees was at risk. Rebecca was able to formulate a practical, timely and cost effective plan to obtain the necessary license classes to continue operations, thus securing the long term future of our business.

It is clear that Rebecca has extensive knowledge in the Building and Construction Industry and vast experience with navigating legislative requirements.

The process to acquiring our licence - as formulated by Rebecca- was clear, logical and efficient and her fees were more than reasonable.

We have since had the pleasure of trusting Rebecca with further licensing requirements when expanding our business products and services.

Darryl & Paula Pather

Builders Licence: Open + Structural Metal Fabrication and Erection

Rebecca Tonkes